Furious Ming (thepeopleseason) wrote,
Furious Ming

Well, go see one anyway.

Warning: there's some pretty dark stuff in this post.

As I posted on twitter at 6:30 or so this morning, I think I need to go see a psychiatrist. I had the most dark, rage-filled, OH JOHN RINGO NO-esque dream.

It basically started like most dreams--inexplicable situations in which I'm dressed only in my underwear, wandering about generic school hallways (I do seem to recall that I was on some covert mission to retrieve something from said school). At some point, however, I encounter a female friend of mine--not a specific friend, just a girl that I know in the Dreaming. She's almost naked, and sobbing. I realize that she's been assaulted, so I throw a blanket over her shoulders and guide her to safety.

Through some instant dream exposition, I learn that she's the prey in some sick game where a group of "hunters," both men and women, track girls Most-Dangerous-Game-style to have their way with them. I also realize that these hunters are famous, like celebrated reality-show or UFC famous. Somehow I manage to confront the leader of the group (through a vague tracking/fighting sequence that seems to have slipped from my mind), and I tell him, "if you do anything like this again, this will be the least of what happens to you."

And then I grab his thumb, and I dislocate it.

Not much later, I see the group gleefully preparing for another hunt, this time with some new equipment--a new crossbow. I realize that they're gear nuts, and I formulate a plan to craft special equipment for them, like a gun that will backfire and dislocate your thumb.

I wake up then, and the dream has so permeated my mind that I continue thinking of ways to punish these people, like shooting them in the kneecap with a shotgun, so they're permanently crippled. I even make a mental note to ask hradzka if it's possible to craft a gun that will dislocate a thumb.

Ironically, someone accused me of being a White Knight the other day.
Tags: holy crap, odd, why i suck
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