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April 20th, 2009

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2009.0420.1400::Tell me about you (or tell me about me through questions about you)

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truexena::2009.04.20.09:26 pm
[User Picture]1. Marie
2. 40
3. Married
4. Terminator 2
5. "Lady Like" by Storm Large
6. Heart
7. Geesh, why don't I know what this is referring to? I wanna say clean, but then i might mean dirty!
8. Ears pierced
9. Yep
10. Live today, for tomorrow may never come!
11. It will be completely empty by the time I get done with it! (Half-full)
12. Probably not, but I don't know any secrets about you so you're safe from knowing. ;o)
13. The first time we did "Buffy Horror Picture Show".
14. Cheese Cake
15. I know of 1 person with my maiden name in Tennessee, and about 20 in Michigan. They might actually be relatives of my father (whom I don't know much of).
16. Loads of money, better family relationships, 3 more wishes. ;o)
17. Do you know how? Cuz I sure as shit dont!
18. USA
19. Procrastination
20. Of course!
21. Sculpture & Ceramics
22. Don't have one.
23. Probably not, unless there is something bothering you about you, then if you asked me to change that thing about you, then I would use one of my remaining 3 wishes on changing that thing about you that you wanted changed, but then I'd be down to only 2 wishes, so try not to want to change anything about yourself ok? ;o)
24. Nothing
25. Jeans
26. Both please
27. I'd use one of my remaining wishes to save you for as long as you wanted to stick around, then we'd get drunk.
28. Yes
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