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February 6th, 2003

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2003.0206.1552::In case you get bored subjugating Ewoks...
Here's some interesting pastimes for those quiet, candle-lit moments between you and your closest Imperial (and, er... mechanical) fuck-buddy.

Cyberonic, btw, had to cancel my DSL order because apparently, there was fiber on my line. After getting bounced around the Bellsouth and Cyberonic hold messages and departments for about 4 hours on Monday, I decided to go with another carrier. Since Speakeasy couldn't provide me with ADSL, I went ahead and got broadband through Biltmore Communications, a local company that services my condo. It was installed with a minimum of fuss this morning, but the speed test that I ran on showed that I was getting about 0.5 Mbit as both upload and download speed. The upload sounds fantastic, but the download is sorely lacking compared to DSL speeds and to the 5 Mbit that they advertise. I'll be testing a few more times later today/tonight to try to determine some kind of average.

Went to the book club yesterday and remembered that I had told Nate about Cyberonic. Ugh. I told him about 15 times, "I'm really, really sorry I told you about Cyberonic." It looks like he had the same sort of trouble that I did, and his own investigations revealed that my leaving DirecTV DSL connected may have interfered with WorldCom's testing of my line.

If this does happen to be the case, and Biltmore's speeds don't improve, I may decide to go with Speakeasy, if only because they can provide me fast and good service, instead of just one or the other.

Damn you, Hughes Electronics, for shutting down. Couldn't you have just sold the business to someone else?
Current Mood: [mood icon] aggravated

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