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February 2nd, 2003

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2003.0202.0507::Poker Journal time
[ ]
Not much to say about Ghetto Poker tonight, other than I'm up about 27 dollars.

Earnie brought a newbie into the fold--Sam. Being someone who can't really tell one group of Asians from another, I'm not quite sure what his ethnicity was, but since he arrived with Earnie, I don't think I'd be too off in assuming he was Korean. All in all, a amiable fellow, with a fair mind for cards. He did try to chase a lot of hands which our regular group wouldn't, and lost a lot of money in the process. His first experience with Screwy Louie treated him quite poorly, with his going up against Jason high, and myself the solitary low. I likely made around 65 dollars in total winnings (i.e. including what I put in...) from that single hand.

Otherwise, Screwy Louie was rather off tonight--with only five or six people playing, a good four out of five hands would just came down to khubli, tiiguy, and myself, playing out a hand, usually with someone (read: me) folding on first or second street.

Reminder to self: never play 727 again.
Current Mood: [mood icon] pleased

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