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September 4th, 2008

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2008.0904.0930::You know what rules?
When you're eating cereal at your desk, the bowl perched atop your keyboard wrist rest, and suddenly, it falls off, spilling half your breakfast onto your lap and the floor.

Oh, no, wait. That sucks.

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(no subject) - (Anonymous)
thepeopleseason::2008.09.04.03:12 pm
[User Picture]And at least it wasn't hot cereal...

Plus, I had the perfect icon to describe how I felt about it.

ifuwereafrog::2008.09.04.04:13 pm
[User Picture]Well see, you know what else rules? When you open your car door with your left and you're holding a paper plate with a bagel on it in your right. Then you accidentally hit your right arm with the door and your bagel falls cream cheese down onto the driveway. There's no ifs about that... it sucks. And I've done it a few times. (You'd think I'd learn - I know. I've even tried switchin hands... still an idiot.)
thepeopleseason::2008.09.04.04:55 pm
[User Picture]Oh, I think that's worse than cereal in your lap. You win.
ifuwereafrog::2008.09.04.06:03 pm
[User Picture]I normally do when it comes to klutzy, idiot moves. I am SO made of (non) win. ;P
h0stile17::2008.09.04.10:40 pm
[User Picture]See these are two situations in which Bacon would win. Bacon dust it off...and its still tastes great. there anything it can't do?
ifuwereafrog::2008.09.05.01:47 pm
[User Picture]Can bacon find me a new job?
h0stile17::2008.09.05.01:49 pm
[User Picture]I'm sure it could. Show up for an interview and offer the interviewer some bacon. You'll be a shoo-in.
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