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July 30th, 2008

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2008.0730.1141::My 75 Things List...
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Taking my previous post as instruction, I compiled a list of 75 things I'd like to do before I die:
  1. Patent something
  2. Visit Neuschwanstein
  3. Learn sleight of hand
  4. Become fluent in Mandarin
  5. Break the rules - Done
  6. Play in the World Series of Poker (any game)
  7. Stand on the South Pole
  8. Perfect counting cards in Blackjack
  9. Be able to say "Oh, I've been to Prague" without irony
  10. Skydive
  11. Twice
  12. Go somewhere for a month without telling anyone
  13. Go to sleep in one country and wake in another
  14. Take an old piece of clothing and make something new
  15. Dance in many different countries
  16. Surprise someone with a weekend trip
  17. Vacation without reservations - Done
  18. Drive Route 66
  19. Find something of no monetary value, but of priceless quality to leave to my child
  20. Learn to surf
  21. Write an original short story
  22. Draw a 24-hour comic
  23. Ride a gondola in Venice
  24. Learn to Tango
  25. Learn to play drums
  26. Plant a tree
  27. Write a book (fiction or non-fiction)
  28. Ride
  29. Own a cat
  30. Take care of 3 children at once
  31. Experience the Aurora Borealis
  32. Play on a silk aerial rig
  33. Visit Amsterdam
  34. Spend an entire night talking with someone and part at sunrise
  35. Ski in Switzerland
  36. Run for political office
  37. Become fluent in another language
  38. Kiss the Blarney stone (despite the locals urinating on it)
  39. Learn to cook
  40. Go to Burning Man
  41. Become strong enough to support and balance my horizontal body on one outstretched forearm (See 2:34)
  42. Climb a pyramid in Giza
  43. Stay in the Ice hotel
  44. Drive the Great Ocean Road in Southern Australia
  45. Get Married
  46. Climb Devil's Tower
  47. Learn to juggle clubs and pass them
  48. Finish learning the Chen-style Tai Chi Long Form
  49. Walk El Caminito del Rey
  50. See Everest (at least Basecamp)
  51. Write a screenplay
  52. Make a movie
  53. Raise at least one child
  54. Be silent for a week (or more)
  55. Be someone's hero - Done
  56. Write an original song
  57. Visit every state in the US
  58. Know Peace
  59. Swim with dolphins/beluga whales
  60. Lead Climb
  61. Drive on the Autobahn
  62. Drive from coast to coast
  63. Sing my child to sleep
  64. Go to Mardi Gras
  65. Visit Middle-earth
  66. Own season tickets to the symphony
  67. Drink absinthe - Done
  68. Spelunk - Technically, done (crawled through a cave in Saqsayhuaman).
  69. Watch a Lucha Libre wrestling match
  70. Put my hand in La Bocca della Verità - Done
  71. Get (re-?)married in Las Vegas
  72. Make moonshine/cider
  73. Teach something - Done
  74. See Rock City
  75. Share all of this with someone special

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flattop::2008.07.30.04:16 pm
[User Picture]I can help you out with #47. Go here. Ask for Charles.
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