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April 11th, 2008

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2008.0411.1027::And the Award goes to...
In the category of "Most Grievous Misunderstanding of the Proprietary vs. Open Source Software Debate," the winner is:

Matt Fraction, writer of The Invincible Iron Man had the following to say about the new book:
“Zeke is a post-national business man and kind of an open source ideological terrorist,” explained Fraction, appropriately putting the contrast into software terms. “He has absolutely no loyalty to any sort of law, creed, or credo. He doesn’t want to beat Tony Stark, he wants to make him obsolete. Windows wants to be on every computer desktop in the world, but Linux and Stane want to destroy the desktop [emphasis mine]. He’s the open source to Stark’s closed source oppressiveness.
Now while I could say, as batnandu so eloquently put it, "somebody should punch that guy," I think Fraction just has a, as the award says, most grievous misunderstanding of the open source/free software movement--he continues his description of Ezekiel Stane as follows:
"He has no headquarters, no base, and no bank account. He’s a true ghost in the machine; completely off the grid, flexible, and mobile. That absolutely flies in the face of Tony’s received business wisdom and in the way business is done. There are banks and lawyers and you have facilities and testing. Stane is a much more different animal. He’s a much smarter, more mobile and much quicker to respond and evolved futurist.”
So his quote is less about Linux and Open Source and more about the character of Stane.

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