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March 17th, 2008

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2008.0317.1703::In which I get political...
You should probably skip reading this post.

I don't usually discuss politics, especially when nowadays most verbalized political opinions amount to "you're [sic] candidate sux [sic]" and "if I wasn't [sic] typing away at this keyboard, Id [sic] cum [sic] over their [sic] and punch you in the face, cuz [sic] your [sic] stupid."

This 20-minute presentation from Lawrence Lessig (transcript here), however, has illuminated some of my chief objections to the way candidates in general have run political campaigns in modern times. It also led me to the following video:

I don't really have any misconceptions that a single blog-post with links to a quasi-famous law professor is really going to change anybody's mind about who they're should or should not vote for, but I thought the link was effective enough in its presentation to pass it on.

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