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August 30th, 2007

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2007.0830.1412::Why the Associated Press sucks
Via Boingboing.net:
A spider web was discovered that drapes 200 yards of trees, shrubs, and the ground across a trail in Texas's Lake Tawakoni State Park. Experts haven't yet determined the species of spider responsible.
So the AP posts this story, and doesn't include a photo


Incidentally, you can find a photo linked from the comments of the boingboing.net post.

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flattop::2007.08.31.01:15 pm
[User Picture]That picture looks like a movie set.
Not posting a pic with the story is almost as annoying as people on forums asking some basic question when they could look it up for themselves. I mean, really, they're obviously using a computer that's connected to the internet.
ex_juandave::2007.09.05.10:41 pm
Shivers went down my spine when I saw the photos.

Hate spiders.
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