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August 4th, 2007

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2007.0804.0027::This man speaks truth
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Over on the Suicide Girls Newswire, some person named "TheCoolerKing" has a list of projects that The Coolest Man in the World should be contributing to. An excerpt:
Making and selling handcrafted, custom belt-buckles. Yep... Maybe this one isn't immediately obvious. Basically, I'd like to be at a party sometime, when a random lady looks me up and down before saying, "Nice belt buckle."

At which point, I'd get to say, "Why thank you... BRUCE CAMPBELL MADE IT." I don't know what would happen at that point. But I can tell you it would be awesome.

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flattop::2007.08.06.01:19 pm
[User Picture]What a weird co-ink-ee-dink. There is some dude here in town that sells big money, handmade belt buckles: The Link to the local weekly rag
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