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June 1st, 2007

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2007.0601.1317::Poking the dragon
Do you think Livejournal/SixApart would suspend my journal if I added "aiding and abetting known fugitives" and "breaking and entering" to my interest list?

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flattop::2007.06.01.08:05 pm
[User Picture]After reading a little about the blow up, I think they would be more scared by interests like "evidence of guilt" or "due process." Didn't they bother to talk to any of these people, the members of their community, to suss whet the pages were really about?
thepeopleseason::2007.06.01.11:04 pm
[User Picture]No! It was for the children!
tankfreak::2007.06.02.11:38 pm
[User Picture]Hey James, I need your email addy please.
ellenore::2007.06.04.10:44 pm
[User Picture]Yes. Then you could argue that you were part of a robbery role playing group. :)
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