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May 13th, 2007

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2007.0513.2213::Dear Comcast Digital Cable:
I know that Emergency Broadcasts are important, and I've even tolerated your stupid interrupt-the-program-when-you-test-the-system-during-primetime-programming test procedure.

But tonight, I watched you completely interrupt the penultimate episode of this season of Supernatural some five minutes from the ending, thereby completely obscuring the action from when Sam kicks Jake through the fence to when Dean holds Sam's lifeless body in his arms, rendering my watching of said program incomplete and unenjoyable, for the broadcast of an emergency notice of a child abduction which contained no discernable details other than it was in the state of Georgia.

In short, you suck donkey balls.

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gator_duck::2007.05.15.12:19 am::Comcast
hsiao, i guess nobody told you about this month's feature article in Popular Paranoia that rates the various large cable companies. According to the article, including "gifts" (aka bribes) when you pay your cable bill can help, but they must believe you are sincere. Also, never give the finger to a Comcast field agent (and I'm not just talking about visits to your abode for installation and trouble shooting)! The driver can train a satellite on you. The satellite will follow you until they have your license plate number. They have even been known to go track all the way to people's homes. They will annotate your file and then you are screwed.

According to the article, they are still more consumer "friendly" than their competitor that uses the Death Star as their corporate emblem...
h0stile17::2007.05.15.11:50 am
[User Picture]No kidding. The Child Abduction Alert is on the screen for a solid 8 minutes during last weeks "Scrubs" but no other information was provided about the child, the location, etc etc etc.......
I thought maybe that comcast got a new piece of equipment and decided to test it during prime time.....I bet they have an engineering position available as a result

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