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April 11th, 2007

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2007.0411.1247::Some people have too much time on their hands
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thepeopleseason: why?
batnandu: why what?
thepeopleseason: why make a whole site about Johnny 5?
thepeopleseason: and the short circuit movies???
batnandu: um
batnandu: dude
batnandu: have you SEEN the internet?

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(no subject) - (Anonymous)
thepeopleseason::2007.04.13.09:02 pm
[User Picture]Hrmm... How "special" are we talking?

Piedmont Park? IKEA? The Independent (a pool hall)? If you were to go further South, you could take a walk around Oakland Cemetary (way cool). There's the High Museum, too.
(no subject) - (Anonymous)
thepeopleseason::2007.04.13.09:13 pm
[User Picture]Just an hour isn't much to work with--they could hit Aprés Diem and get some dessert, unless it's a weekend night and then it'll be tough to find seating (then again, there's always seating at Krispy Kreme...)

They could hit Outwrite Bookstore for a little while...?
tieg::2007.05.02.12:12 am
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