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January 27th, 2003

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2003.0127.1531::Weekend Recap
Had a fun enough weekend. Stayed in most of Friday night, feeling a bit anti-social, and just caught up on the copious amount of television that the TiVo has racked up. The main problem lately is that Cartoon Network's Adult Swim programming now shows Samurai Jack, Inu-Yasha, and Futurama five nights a week. I've pretty much seen all of the Samurai Jacks, but I think there might be one or two episodes that I've missed.

Aside from cartoons, there was an episode of Buffy, John Doe, and Fastlane. It's rather shocking to me that Rob doesn't like Fastlane...I mean, last week's episode features an intra-hot-tub kiss between Tiffani Thiessen and Jaime Pressly--what's not to like??

After brunch on Saturday, I got the oil changed in the Pathfinder, and the beast is running far better now. It's no longer doing the hiccuping thing at 70-80 mph/3K rpm. I had gone about 4000 miles before changing the oil, so I guess this new 'high-mileage vehicle' oil might just be a lousy euphemism for 'crappy' oil.

Saturday night, I went with Gene to the Television Preview thing. We got to see a chopped-up pilot for a reincarnation-romance-(melo)drama called Soulmates. It was mildly interesting, only because I'd never seen a pilot in that sort of user-panel setting. They'd edited the hell out of it so the plotline was largely undiscernable, and the lead actress' acting was a bit too histrionic.

After watching another pilot, Gene and I realized that the entire exercise was merely to gauge our reactions to the commercials and proto-commercials that they inserted into the programs. I feel dumber having sat there for two and a half hours.

Luckily, we played poker afterwards.

Ghetto poker was somewhat kind to me--I ended up exactly twenty dollars up. We first played a ten-dollar-entry No-Limit Hold 'Em tournament. Starting with fourteen players, we split into two tables and I ended up sitting with khubli, Patty, tiiguy, Earnie, Blake, and Runa. I played tightly for most of the game, but was knocked out after Runa, Earnie, and Jeech. Both Blake and Patty had amassed an enormous chip lead playing some pretty gutsy (read: amateur) hands. Earnie went out after he went all in with a pair of cowboys, with sixes on the board, and Patty's pair of eights caught an eight on the river.

I went heads-up with Blake on a hand where it looked like the board was going nowhere. With J3 suited and two spades on the board, I raised trying to bluff Blake out. I don't recall the board exactly, but I seem to recall he was chasing a nonexistent straight, but he wasn't betting it up too much. When nothing came out of the river, I ended up with a pair of threes, bet it up, and he had rivered a pair of sixes. Who chases that??

My final hand of the tournament was rather entertaining--I just had 125 in chips, and I went all-in with a T6 unsuited (ten of clubs, six of diamonds), because otherwise the blinds would have killed my dwindling stack. Apart from myself, Jason and Blake fought with their cards to see a club four-flush come on the board. Right before the turn, Jeech, who's dealing, peeks at the next four cards (the turn, river, and burn cards) and reaches over and peeks at mine. From there, I figured that I had the flush--but would it be good enough?

Blake folds after Jason's bet on the river, and we both reveal our cards. I have the AT flush. Jason...has a pair of jacks, giving him the AJ flush.

Jackass... :)

From there, we go on to play our regular games. One of the games featured five players (Jeech, batnandu, Runa, Mark, and myself) playing Screwy Louie, and I had the nut low. Runa and Mark, however, are betting it up big time, both showing pretty good lows. On third street, Runa's showing 542, Mark: 642,and I've got 62A. Jeech is showing Kings and Queens, and Nandu's got Jacks and Threes. Mark starts raising, and I figure the worst I can do is split the low two-ways with Mark. By this time, we've all started to just put eight dollars in the pot each time ($0.25-$2.00, max. three raises). Fourth street comes and Runa shows a three, as do I, and Mark shows his Ace. I knew I had it in the bag. It was a bit heart-breaking beating Runa and Mark like that. Earnie admitted later that he passed me an A3 and Mark a six.

The funniest hand of the night was Earnie and I going low with Runa and Nandu going high. Jeech and Nandu are duking it out, while I'm getting a bit wary of Earnie's 234 showing. I had passed him a six, so it's not out of the question for him to have a really good low. I, however, have the wheel. Nandu is showing three cards to a royal flush. Runa's got a pair of sevens. At this point I think to myself, Earnie's got the low, I can't beat him going low with the wheel, so I fold. Earnie just looks immensely relieved when I do so, and starts betting it up against the two players who look like their going high. Runa ends up with four sevens, and Nandu had A high (AKQJd, 3c). Just as Earnie's about to show his card, he says, "You're going to hate me." Knowing that I had a straight, I reply, "no, I'm not," and this goes back and forth a couple of times, until he shows his STRAIGHT TO THE SIX. "Actually, yes, I do hate you," I correct myself, and proceed to show my wheel, and hit him a couple of times in the shoulder. "All in good fun," I chuckle to him, and shake his hand. Both Nandu and Jeech were kinda humorously upset, given that Jeech folded a 9 high low hand, and Nandu could have taken the low with K high amongst the remaining players.

Sunday, we went to Andretti Speed Lab and rode around and played lots of video games. Soul Calibur II has been out for a while now, but I got a chance to see it for the first time at Andretti's. It's pretty cool, and there's a couple of different modes of play. I'm sure sometime later, Nandu and I will be heading back up there to continue our conquest games.

All in all, a pretty fun weekend. I'm horrendously sore from the driving about the track. I only managed to bump the barricades twice this session, but everytime is pretty jarring.

Oh, and I missed a good number of the commercials from the Super Bowl, while eating at Outback following Andretti's. I kinda wanted to see the Hulk, X-men 2, and Matrix previews, but, hey, I'll see them eventually.

I'm pretty glad about the Bucs winning their first championship. The good thing about the Bucs winning, though, is that this guy gets to lose again. Re-smoted.
Current Mood: [mood icon] sore

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(no subject) - (Anonymous)
thepeopleseason::2003.01.27.08:43 pm::Re: Whaa
[User Picture]You don't happen to remember if there was any nookie involved in the dream, do you? 'Cause knowing I was getting some in someone's dreams might possibly make up for this horrible dry spell.

Then again, it might not.
(no subject) - (Anonymous)
thepeopleseason::2003.01.28.10:45 pm::Re: Whaa
[User Picture]You're just waiting for me to get all excited and then say, "Yes, but none of the nookie involved your part of the dream," or "Nookie? Oops, I thought you said 'Dookie'!" ;)

At some point when you've returned from your sojourn, I'll take you to Andretti's.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)
thepeopleseason::2003.01.30.07:29 am::Re: Whaa
[User Picture]You know, if I owned an Ice Cream shop, I'd name a flavor "Nookie and Cream."

Then again, I might make a Oreo+Chocolate Ice Cream treat and name it "Dookie and Cream"...
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