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March 23rd, 2007

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2007.0323.1455::I am not a father
I have no daughter, so there a small blessing here when I point you to the Consumerist's link to a story about a six-year old's desire to get her non-American Girl doll's hair styled at the American Girl salon.

What's the small blessing?

Well, if I were the father of said six-year old, I would have very calmly walked up to the store clerk and the other women berating my child and stabbed them all in the face.

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(no subject) - (Anonymous)
thepeopleseason::2007.03.23.07:15 pm
[User Picture]I have an overwhelming urge to body-check someone after reading what the other moms had to say.
musesfool::2007.03.23.07:15 pm
[User Picture]Man. I've never cared for the American Girl dolls - my niece collects them and well, dolls are creepy once you're not 6 anymore. But that is just beyond the bounds of human behavior, to humiliate a kid like that. And then the other parents in line making snide comments within earshot of the kid? Seriously, if this story is true, I really hope they lose business over it.
thepeopleseason::2007.03.23.07:41 pm
[User Picture]Seriously, if this story is true, I really hope they lose business over it.

Well, I'm sure the legions who read Consumerist.com will be willing to oblige.
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