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March 15th, 2007

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2007.0315.1152::As reported in the illustrious video game journal, Duh
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Apparently two separate studies have found a correlation between racing video game play and increased risk-taking on meatspace roads.

Despite most gamers' insistence that gaming does not affect real-life behavior, anyone who's gotten on the road after playing Rush 2049 or Burnout knows the little, evil robot usses that pop onto the shoulder and insist on taking shortcuts or trying to get more boost by running your fellow commuters off the road.

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murielle::2007.03.15.05:37 pm
[User Picture]As long as it doesn't urge the driver to try the driving along the wall of a tunnel, or up the side of a building. ;-o
thepeopleseason::2007.03.16.07:46 pm
[User Picture]I kinda want to drive with just two wheels on the roof ledge of a building like in those commercials...
murielle::2007.03.17.09:22 pm
[User Picture]LOL! good seatbelts? ;-))
sparkssc::2007.03.16.04:29 pm
I have felt those urges with real vigor. Especially the driving along the wall part.
thepeopleseason::2007.03.16.07:47 pm
[User Picture]For Nandu and me, it's all about taking side-route "shortcuts" to the finish line which might include the possibility of driving inverted...

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