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January 11th, 2007

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2007.0111.1830::It's great to be a Florida Gator
Yes, I know this is about three days late.
OSU over Florida is the biggest lock in BCS title game history, bigger than Miami in 2002, FSU in 2000 or even USC last year.
--Vijay Ramanujan in a post on
I've had a ritual since my college days after football games--I usually take the following Sunday or Monday to grab as many news articles and such that talk about the Gator game and read up on how other people in the media view the Gators' performance. The advent of the internet has made this, what I like to call "Rewallowing in our winningness," much easier, but things like tends to make this activity far more time-consuming.
Send Florida up to play the BCS Championship Game in Columbus. That would be fair, right? Betcha they lose by more than 3.

Hell, they lose by 3 *touchdowns* on a neutral field.
--KilgoreTrout's overestimation of Ohio State on
I spent Monday night at the computer until 2:30 AM, and Tuesday night doing the same until 3:30 AM.
Uh, OSU's D isn't remotely into the game.
Pete Fiutak's liveblog of the game
One thing I have observed since the game is a lot of people are saying that OSU's 50-some days off between their last game and the BCS Bowl was too much. Sorry, the Gators took some 32 days off, too. You know what they did during that time? They worked out. They practiced. Had they 20 or so more days to prepare, I'm guessing they would have continued to perfect a game plan based on observing Ohio State's play. I believe I read somewhere that Chris Leak watched hours and hours of Ohio State games, so that he would know exactly what defensive scheme the OSU D was running before he took each snap. That's the kind of dedication you can (and should) devote to an endeavor that you wish to be successful in when you have a lot of time to do so.
It was like Urban Meyer is a really awesome NCAA Football player, and Tressel doesn't even know all the buttons on the X-Box controller.
--cecil_espy in a comment on
Those 50-some days, therefore, serve as no excuse for a team voted #1 since the beginning of the season to deliver such a poor showing against the Gators, unless you're willing to say that OSU rested on its own laurels and expected to breeze its way through the SEC Champions.
"I love college football," you told me. "It's one of the greatest things that ever happened to our society."
--Jim Walden, former Washington State head coach to Gene Wojciechowski
So amongst the long list of thank yous from this particular member of the Gator Faithful:
  • To the aforementioned Jim Walden, who fielded a lot of grief for voting the Gators #1 over Ohio State in the Harris Interactive Poll well before the BCS Bowl,
  • To Ron Zook, the much-maligned former coach of the Gators, who was responsible for recruiting 23 of the 24 starters who played on Monday night
  • To the vehement Dawg (and Buckeye) fans, who's discounting of the Gators made them weauxf so excessively for Ohio State, so much to the point that the Weauxf Gawds thought a veritable smiting would be in order,
  • To the other SEC fans, who, knowing that the Gators play in the greatest/strongest conference in the land, pulled for us in the game,
  • To the Gator basketball team and Billy Donovan, who directly challenged Urban Meyer and the boys,
  • To UCLA, for beating USC,
  • To USC, for showing Lloyd Carr that talk is cheap,
  • To Urban Meyer. 'Nuff said;
  • And finally, to the Gators, from Chris Leak to Reggie Nelson, from Tim Tebow to Earl "Ichabod" Everett. You've been #1 in our hearts since the beginning of the year. Now everyone else knows it.
All Hail, Florida, Hail.

Also, GIP.

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