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November 17th, 2006

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2006.1117.1137::Uncle Patrick's poetry
lazystars, a.k.a. the Pink Gator, has been working as under contract for a Big, Evil, Megacorporation (you know, the kind that arrests their own customers). Lately, she's been having some major trouble connecting to their VPN, and I always end up offering, "Do you need me to stab someone in the face?" (because, as stalkyoulater maintains, in the face is always worse).

Today we had the following conversation:
lazystars: I may stab today
thepeopleseason: stab stab stab
thepeopleseason: there was an old issue of Applause (the Thursday Entertainment insert of the Alligator)
thepeopleseason: where Patrick Hughes wrote some of his poetry.
thepeopleseason: and one of his poems went like this:
Eye on a stick!
Eye on a stick!
I'm gonna stab!
I'm gonna jab!
Stab! Jab!
Eye on a slab!
lazystars: that sounds more like a cheer
thepeopleseason: I would pay money to hear cheerleaders cheer that.
lazystars: save patrick hughes, save the world

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stalkyoulater::2006.11.17.07:02 pm
[User Picture]Yes because you see the knife coming right at you. If I were to get stabbed at all, I would like it to be in the back (literally and not in the other sense about friendship and all that crap) but avoiding the kidneys. I have a rare blood type. It would be like oh I got stabbed maybe I should go to the hospital instead of the "AHHHH the knife is coming at my face, why is someone stabbing me in the face" inner monologue.
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