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January 23rd, 2003

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I've got little cuts everywhere. The obvious one is the small cut on my bottom lip, from the excessive dryness, as well as a small paper-cut-like slice on the side of the middle finger of my right hand, where I tried to dig some more hair gel from a near-empty bottle. There's a small cut on the first knuckle of the same finger, though, and I can't fathom where it came from.

At the moment, I'm torn between working on this entry, working on porting the Bronze Archives to Livejournal, and reading Bringing Down the House. Pondering that just now, I just remembered that I also bought some more comic books today.

Hopefully tomorrow will go better than today did. I had an ass of a time trying to debug the system that we're working on, especially because of a previous request that our client made. He had wanted a particular menu item in our product to behave differently depending on the context in which it was called. While that might make sense for some applications, this was an Invoice Review screen. I had to wade through a library of code to ultimately realize that there was some vestigial calls which were screwing up the system.

I'm going to read some comics now.
Current Mood: [mood icon] blah
Current Music: Good Eats "Squid Pro Quo"

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