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September 28th, 2006

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2006.0928.1503::One more reason to hate American Idol
As if William Hung wasn't enough of a mockery to make me hate AI, apparently the song which gave me a bit of comfort after I nearly flunked out of graduate school (this time without the benefit of bad feng shui to blame it on)--the Howard Ashman and Alan Menken-created soliloquy that Aladdin sings to his mother, drafted out of the eponymous Disney animated film--"Proud of Your Boy," has been remade by Clay Aiken.

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dixiebelle::2006.09.28.07:26 pm
[User Picture]Are you kidding me? I've *always* thought that the one and *only* thing Clay Aiken's voice *would* be suitable for would be singing the male lead in a Disney animated film...
thepeopleseason::2006.09.28.07:28 pm
[User Picture]Just because it's appropriate doesn't make it right. ;)
dixiebelle::2006.09.28.07:34 pm
[User Picture]Well, and then there's the fact that he's not *actually* the lead... Since it *is* a remake he's sort-of the runner up to the lead... Kind-of like how he did on American Idol... I guess sometimes art imitates life... ;-)
bpeace::2006.09.28.07:58 pm
[User Picture]Clay Aiken gives me the creeps. His nostril-flaring annoys me. His singing disgusts me.

No sir, I don't like him.
-anon-::2006.09.28.09:46 pm::Gay as a gay dollar bill
Just read the history of that song, written as a response to his mother possibly regarding Ashman's homosexuality. And Clay Aiken ISN'T gay? And Liberace just liked flashy clothes.

On a different note, Sebastian's "Under the Sea" comforted me back when I was thinking about moving from my home on the Great Barrier Reef. Life really IS better down where it's wetter.

--Ariel digs Ben
-anon-::2006.09.29.02:31 pm::This Sucks
James, I am slightly alarmed by the percentage of your recent posts which are tagged "this sucks." I'm jus' sayin'.....I didn't even know what "misanthrope" meant until you told me.
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