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September 14th, 2006

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2006.0914.1537::Regarding the parking snafu
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The Pink Gator's Mother had the following to offer:
PG: "Or you could just make this arrangement with him legal and move into some place as a couple."
PG: that's what she said!!!
PG: no pressure there, MOM.
PG: you're parents would probably say the same thing as my mom.
Me: yeah, probably.
PG: yes, "Your mother and I got married due to a lack of parking."

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xopherg::2006.09.14.11:45 pm
[User Picture]but there's still just 1 space per bedroom, right? that wouldn't really help your current situation.
thepeopleseason::2006.09.15.02:22 pm
[User Picture]I think her mom's implication is that we get married and move in together somewhere else...
batnandu::2006.09.15.01:03 pm
[User Picture]Dude. Brand new houses. Being built. On. My. Street.
thepeopleseason::2006.09.15.02:22 pm
[User Picture]Dude. Out of. My. Budget.
-anon-::2006.09.15.03:33 pm::Mah-wage
I hear that, due to rising labor costs, outsourcing marriage to Indians has grown too expensive for 2007. I hear the Chinese are filling the vaccuum.
flattop::2006.09.15.04:01 pm
[User Picture]Dude. Your budget + PG's budget = bigger budget.
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