Furious Ming (thepeopleseason) wrote,
Furious Ming

Apparently Lust is no longer my favorite of the Deadly Sins.

Over the course of the day, I have ingested:
  • 1 bowl of Raisin Bran with Vanilla Silk soymilk.
  • 3 cans of Sprite
  • 1 can of Barq's Root Beer
  • 2 fun size Milky Way Bars
  • 2 fun size Twix bars
  • 2 slices of Papa John's pizza with black olives
  • 1 slice of Papa John's pizza with sausage
  • 3 fun size packages of Skittles
  • 1 egg-and-bacon salad sandwich
  • 1 liter of water
  • 1 combo order of Kalbi & Vegetable Dumpling Tofu Soup
  • 1 kid size Honey Ice Cream with Butterfingers from Marble Slab Creamery
  • 1 Vodka Tonic
Damned Tapeworm.

While I'm tired as balls, I'm going to do some Kinetic now.
Tags: food
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