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July 6th, 2006

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2006.0706.2350::Dear Mr. McDonald (Class of '56 and '59):
I'll concede to you that my use of offensive language in my previous post is excessive. It is, however, a slice of my own personal thought and a result of extreme frustration and dissatisfaction with a business which to date has yet to exhibit any hint of a redeemable trait beyond a penchant for annoying its own customers.

I posted this diatribe in a venue which I consider both personal and intimate--one which people are plainly welcome to avoid if they choose to do so. One of my old high school teachers (whom you so succinctly put to task with your response) once taught me the following gem:
Maturity is knowing when to be mature
As this is my blog and a locale in which I, for the most part, am amongst friends, I reserve the right to choose immaturity or propriety as I see fit.

And while it's perfectly within your rights to lament my copious use of profanity, calling my education into question (as well as the means by which I obtained said education) is both inappropriate and frankly a little irrational given that we share our alma mater and that your only experience of me is a hastily-written-in-the-heat-of-anger blog post.

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dixiebelle::2006.07.07.12:01 pm
[User Picture]Do you know Mr. McDonald? If not, all I can say is that some people really need to get a life... Who has time to go into some random blog to just insult someone who they don't know? I can barely keep up with the few people I do know... WTF?
thepeopleseason::2006.07.07.01:37 pm
[User Picture]I don't know him--he found his way here via my alumni association website.
dixiebelle::2006.07.07.02:19 pm
[User Picture]Considering when he graduated (Classes of '56 and '59) one would think that he'd have children of his own to heckle... silly troll...
truexena::2006.07.07.12:34 pm
[User Picture]Now see how that response is all thought out and intelligent? My response would of consisted of a 'fuck you, and shit in your ear' type of reply. ;o) Bravo to you and your education.
thepeopleseason::2006.07.07.01:38 pm
[User Picture]Well, I won't tell you how many times I revised that... :)
truexena::2006.07.08.03:16 am
[User Picture]Oh, well then I dont feel so stupid. ;o)
kellinator::2006.07.07.01:48 pm
[User Picture]Mr. McDonald needs a hobby. One that doesn't involve being a troll.
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