August 3rd, 2006


"I'm so excited I just made water in my pantaloons!"

Here it is! Bangang Pagro-Esh. The left eye of Nog. The jewel worshipped by the wizards of Mu and the black priests of Atlantis, finally passed down to Gung the Magnificent who was chosen by the gods to conquer the world with it! And now, it's my- Ew!

It's not a jewel! It's a dirty old piece of crap!
Everyone needs to go to and watch the weird horror-comedy pilot The Amazing Screw-On Head based on the one-shot comic book by Mike Mignola (Hellboy). Following that, you should take the online survey and let them know if you'd continue watching the show.

ETA: If you're having doubts, apparently the executive producer is Bryan Fuller, who also worked on Dead Like Me and Wonderfalls.