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May 10th, 2006

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2006.0510.1640::Not worthy
[ ]
While goofing off on metaquotes, I found a link to wheeler's Top 50 Marvel Universe Characters. Here's the quote that brought me to the list:
33. Cyclops, Scott Summers
Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.
The irritatingly dependable solid core of the X-Men, Scott Summers is basically Dr Jack from Lost - serious, manly, handsome and authoritative, but with all the personality of a Microsoft paperclip. "I see that you're fighting a Sentinel. Would you like to hurl Wolverine at its head while Iceman impedes its progress?" I can only assume the mutant boy scout placed at number 33 in this list by sheer force of nostalgic inertia.
Here, however, is the quote regarding the obscure character that only true comic book lovers know that makes this list shine:
13. Beta Ray Bill
Created by Walt Simonson.
Only the worthy can lift Thor's hammer. As it turns out, that's quite a short list of people - but also a rather eclectic list, not confined to Earth or Asgard. When Thor found himself battling a genetically engineered horse-faced golden space monster, he was separated from his hammer - only for the monster, the champion of his oppressed race, to pick it up. That monster was Beta Ray Bill, the greatest of Marvel's cosmic heroes. Thor is not in this list of fifty great Marvel characters. Thor isn't a horse-faced golden space monster with a funky 70s name. Thor is not worthy.
Thor lovers and Adventures in Babysitting aficionados need not apply.

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kawaiiryuko::2006.05.11.03:20 am
[User Picture]Man. That list was good fun. Thanks for the link!
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