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March 8th, 2006

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2006.0308.1707::Things I'm considering
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Please let me know your thoughts on the following items I am considering:
  1. Shaving my head.
  2. Getting a tattoo of the cover of The Tao of Pooh where the kite is on my right shoulder and Pooh is on my shoulder blade.
  3. Growing my hair out.
  4. Going on a road trip to Graceland.
  5. Buying a bicycle to ride to work from Juniper St. to North Ave. during what appears to be a slightly hectic rush hour.
  6. Going on a road trip to Louisiana.
I may take your advice. I may not. I may not do anything on this list.

ETA: Why the fuck am I sitting here playing guitar for hours on end rather than catching up on TiVo?

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whedonite::2006.03.08.10:52 pm
[User Picture]James please dont shave your head. If you decide to grow it out I think it will suit you, but dont shave it. Everything else it at you will. I have spoken.
aviationwolf::2006.03.09.02:08 am
I wouldn't go to Louisiana unless you are going to witness the mess. I just ran into a transplant from Katerina whose been here three weeks. She said they tried to wait it out because they had jobs to go back to and it's just not getting better. She also said they tried just moving inland and while the devestation isn't the same, it's just as bad in other ways due to the overpopulation from people who didn't go home.

glueandglitter::2006.03.09.02:10 am::I theeeenk....
[User Picture]I definitely would pick 1 over 3.
2 is brilliant!
4 and 6 sound fun, if you can afford one/both!
5 is my favorite! I don't know if you've ever bike commuted in Atlanta before, but if you have any questions, I'd be happy to help you out! It's not as scary as folks think it is. Or at least, I don't think it's that scary!
chinook_wind::2006.03.09.02:27 am
[User Picture]1. Eeep, no. You have good hair the way it is.
2. I love it! Do this one!
3. Less eep than #1, but I like your hair the way it is.
4. Everyone ought to see Graceland at least once in their life. I say do it.
5. Sounds decent; if you can afford it and you think it's safe, go for it.
6. Why not?
amezri::2006.03.09.02:47 am
[User Picture]1. Go for it. If you don't like it, well.. hair grows. *shrug*
2. I'm not so keen on this one.
3. Sure, why not. You can always cut it off if you don't like it.
4. Uhm. Yay, Graceland?
5. I have no idea how far of a distance that it, but it sounds dangerous. Wear a helmet.
6. Roadtrips are fun :)
batnandu::2006.03.09.02:16 pm
[User Picture]1: Give it a shot (although you've done it before, so you should have some idea of the outcome).

2: As a huge fan of the Tao of Pooh and its subject matter, I can honestly say that this is a terrible, terrible idea.

3: Give it a shot before giving (1) a shot.

4: If that's your thing, then go. Personally I'd rather take a road trip to Devil's Tower.

5: HELL, YES. You can even borrow mine more or less indefinitely. I've been claiming for 7 years now that I was gonng give it a good overhaul, but it's languished indoors that whole time. It's in good shape, and you would not believe the things it's capable of, despite it's age and lack of suspension.

6: If that's your thing, then go. Personally I'd rather take a road trip to Devil's Tower.
flattop::2006.03.09.05:23 pm
[User Picture]Do 3 then 1. Or do them both at the same time, on different parts of your head.
Get a tattoo, just not of that. Get something that is your and only yours.
Go to Graceland. Be sure to stop in Tupelo on the way. (BTW, I've only ever experienced Graceland after driving all night to get there and then doing the tours with a Sleep Deprived Giddy Buzz. This method may or may not be to your liking.)
Riding to work sounds cool. Get one of them hippie recumbents with a big orange flag poking up off the back.
Louisiana? Hmmm, don't know. Its definitely a chance to see something that might never happen again in our lifetime. Or it could happen again this fall.

If you and/or batboy go to Devil's Tower, take a harness and shoes. You'll be glad you did.

And its because the guitar is cooler than TiVo.
stalkyoulater::2006.03.10.12:48 am
[User Picture]Graceland is wonderful but my suggestion is do everything in life you want to do first then go to Graceland because you might catch the plague or ricketts.
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