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March 6th, 2006

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2006.0306.1805::The DragonCon Wank
If you're unfamiliar with the DragonCon Buffy/Whedon Track wank, please move on. Otherwise, I've got something to say.

For the love of all that is good and naked, please shut up.

Because I generally get along with everyone, I've had to hear from both sides about the various moral affronts that have taken place, ones which, to be perfectly honest, aren't that serious, especially from my point of view. Not to resort to cliché, but what we've got here, essentially, is a failure to communicate--where knee-jerk reactions have only served to escalate this mess into an insipid us-versus-them situation. We have the melodramatic admissions, the shocked betrayals, and the tittering laughter of one group at another.

To be perfectly frank, it's like we're back in high school again, and I fucking hated that part of high school with a fiery passion.

It's rather surprising to me, but this stupid feud has made it so that I'm actually rather glad that I'll be attending a wedding some ten states away on the dates in question.

If you wish to publicly antagonize those people who have different opinions than you do, do not do so around me. If, from your perspective, these individuals are going to shoot themselves in the proverbial foot, let them shoot themselves in the foot.

I will take any sign that you're doing otherwise as an indication that you've the all the maturity of a sixteen-year-old hopped up on sugar and hormones, and I'll treat you accordingly. And while I realize that the loss of my friendship is hardly the most effective deterrent, it will at least allow me some peace and quiet over the next several months.

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ellenore::2006.03.06.11:44 pm
[User Picture]You won't be there for Dcon?


A world of no comment on the other. No comment, no comment, no comment. :)
thepeopleseason::2006.03.06.11:46 pm
[User Picture]What in retrospect is no-so-regrettably, I have a wedding to attend...
truexena::2006.03.06.11:56 pm
[User Picture]Can I come to the wedding with you? ;o)
thepeopleseason::2006.03.06.11:57 pm
[User Picture]LOL
ellenore::2006.03.07.03:23 am
[User Picture]The idea of Willy wonka talking about wanking leaves me deeply scarred and frightened.
truexena::2006.03.07.03:31 am
[User Picture]now now there. Willy Wonka is not wanking! how dare you even suggest it.
He is however singing about "Wankage" which is a total other story. ;o)

*pets her favorite Fandom Wanks icon*
aviationwolf::2006.03.07.02:10 am
I think that's both sides...

Obviously, it's a matter of great consternation for both sides and if any of the people talking to you are considered friends, you should be willing to listen. People listen to you when you are having issues and I bet some the subject you need to talk about are not subjects people want to hear about and yet they do.

However, message recieved....

thepeopleseason::2006.03.07.04:15 am
[User Picture]Anybody is welcome to come to me to talk to me about personal issues. These are not personal issues--they've escalated into one group versus another, and like I said, if people are willing to publicly antagonize a set of people who hold a different opinion, then I would prefer that take place outside of my sphere of observation.

The fact that messages have come across where people are, again, publicly accusing one another of rudeness and "giving fandom a bad name" has no place in a group I like to associate with, much less a circle of my friends. If one person has a problem with another, they should talk it over between themselves and preferably not involve everyone else, trying to get people to take sides. I got enough of that shit in high school.

Throughout this entire thing, I've attempted to remain impartial to either side, because I can see valid points to both opinions. But with people spewing invectives at one another (and indeed, jumping down my throat when I try to get them to look at the other side), I'd just rather not hear any of it--which is why I keep telling everyone to shut up and stop beating the dead horse.
whedonite::2006.03.07.02:44 am
[User Picture]I dont think I have made any annoying high school comment or talked to you really to much about it really but if I have I am sorry and will make extra effort to watch what I say.
thepeopleseason::2006.03.07.04:15 am
[User Picture]Thank you.
fiyero2005::2006.03.07.03:38 pm
Sorry, J. I'm trying really hard to keep this from being an "us v. them" thing. If I've brought you into it too much, you have my apologies. I do thank you for being a good listener, though. I'm hoping that we can work with the various tracks involved and get this all done peacefully.
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