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March 5th, 2006

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2006.0305.1855::Who is this man; what sort of devil is he?
A new Chinese name renders "tmhsiao" obsolete. thepeopleseason is the artist formerly known as "tmhsiao."

Also, from alienpred18: Give me 4 pieces of advice...

Try and make them poignant... though no one can resist things like "don't eat yellow snow".... I'm really looking for advice from my friends... real advice.

Put this in your LJ if you care to.

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ludditerobot::2006.03.06.02:15 am
[User Picture]1) Snow of any color will tend to drop your core temperature, so especially when you're lost in the wilderness, don't eat the snow.

2) Until you have discovered a reason to go with a different set, play .010 strings and Fender medium picks.

3) Unemployment sucks. Stay employed.

4) I shouldn't recommend dating or marrying someone you met online, but it worked for me.
thepeopleseason::2006.03.06.03:06 pm
[User Picture]Until you have discovered a reason to go with a different set, play .010 strings and Fender medium picks.

I'm still working with the original strings that came on my Epiphone "starter set" guitar. I'm not sure what the workable lifetime of a guitar string is, either.

ludditerobot::2006.03.06.06:07 pm
[User Picture]Well, it depends. On what?

The hard limit is when the string breaks. When a string is broken, it needs replacing. This much is obvious. It's the rest where it gets difficult.

Lots of players like the bright sound of new strings, before finger oils and persperation pH issues deaden them. Al diMeola is the most intense I've heard of on this, switching strings between takes of a song. Most touring acts change strings before each gig. On the other hand, lots of jazz players play roundwound strings, which sound less bright and more "dead" out of the bag, and even without them, some folks leave their strings on forever. James Jamerson, the bassist for every Motown song you ever cared to dance to, changed strings only when they broke.

The "happy medium" is a few months, depending on how much you play. I swapped in a set of Slinkys for my lap steel (big mistake, you want heavy strings for a lap steel) after six years or so. My banger, which has a truss rod popping out the neck, has had the same set of Elixirs for four years or so. (Elixirs have teflon-coated strings, which mitigate the pH and oils probles and stay "bright" longer, but they have less of the bright because of the coating. I recomend you go for Elixirs when you decide to swap 'em.)

Beyond tone (which you might not be experienced enough to hear differences in yet), look for your strings showing wear and bent points at the frets. I used to get the windings of my G string unwound, but I was playing with a brass pick. With brass picks, you get the tone of a light pick but it won't bend, so it feels like a medium or heavier. Thing is, they eventually get like you're playing with a knife edge and your cutting into your strings. They're OKish for electric work, especially playing leads, but if you're trying to play acoustic in an electric band, you'll be carving into the windings.

And dude, if you have any questions on anything guitar, just ask, OK?
thepeopleseason::2006.03.06.06:14 pm
[User Picture]You're a gentleman and a scholar.

And a Dude.
chinook_wind::2006.03.06.03:50 am
[User Picture]How about advice from people you worked with once? Not pointed or aimed, just stuff I've realized. YMMV.

1. Never leave in the middle of an argument or with angry words between you and someone you care about. You might not get a chance to fix it.

2. Really great people aren't always beautiful at first glance; don't limit yourself.

3. No one ever really learned anything by talking all the time.

4. Remember that you're cooler than you realize.
thepeopleseason::2006.03.06.03:22 pm
[User Picture]How about advice from people you worked with once?

Oh, come now. While we don't talk all the time, I still consider you a friend...
kawaiiryuko::2006.03.06.02:59 pm
[User Picture]Man. My younger brother is Ming-Wei, while I am Ming-Jie.

I'm starting to think you're like my crazy clone-double that escaped from the alien clone-tubes during a terrible experiement. ;)
thepeopleseason::2006.03.06.03:03 pm
[User Picture]It's like a bad Michael Bay movie.... :)
-anon-::2006.03.06.04:02 pm::Only one, from a good movie...
"Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving." "Live, live, live!"

Now if I'd just take my own advice...
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