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January 20th, 2006

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2006.0120.0840::No soup for me
Because of circumstances beyond my control, I will not be attending DragonCon this year.

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fiyero2005::2006.01.20.04:58 pm
that is the suckage.
aviationwolf::2006.01.20.05:14 pm
I'm still working on the acceptance thing....

It's very hard....

If I'm able to get over it, it shows that I care about you an awful lot....

It will take much ice cream.....
flattop::2006.01.20.05:20 pm
[User Picture]So you'll be at Drive Invasion instead?
thepeopleseason::2006.01.20.06:27 pm
[User Picture]I'll be in Cape Cod for batnandu's wedding...
whedonite::2006.01.21.08:48 am
[User Picture]WHAT!!!!!!!!
thepeopleseason::2006.01.21.05:38 pm
[User Picture]Yeah, got a wedding to go to, unfortunately. :(

What's up for this weekend?
whedonite::2006.01.22.01:08 am
[User Picture]Well The L word at Ziggys Sunday. You should come even if you aren't fond of the show. There is always something going on sfterwards, maybe we can watch Cry Wolf.
batnandu::2006.01.23.03:25 pm
[User Picture]I'm keying on the "unfortunately :(" here, but, if you're not going to enjoy your best friend's wedding, you could decline to be his best man. But prepare for a lifetime of being called "second-or-possibly-third-best man" or "not-worst man" (which might, over time, evolve into "bratwurst man", which could make you very popular in your current neighborhood).
thepeopleseason::2006.01.23.03:29 pm
[User Picture]I'll guarantee to you that I'll enjoy my best friend's wedding as well as enjoy being the best man. The "unfortunately" is within the context of not being able to attend DragonCon.

Don't be a smartass, or I'll be a little more adventurous than I know you want to be when planning the Bachelor Party.
batnandu::2006.01.23.06:06 pm
[User Picture]Oooh, I'm trembling. Bring it, Brat Boy.
(no subject) - (Anonymous)
batnandu::2006.01.23.09:55 pm
[User Picture]Don't you Godzilla me. I invented Godzilla. OK, not really. But still... don't Godzilla me.
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