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January 13th, 2006

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2006.0113.1041::First steps...
[ ]
I just took the first step on the path to quitting my job.

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dixiebelle::2006.01.13.03:46 pm
[User Picture]Then what?
thepeopleseason::2006.01.13.03:48 pm
[User Picture]I'm looking for other work in town. My boss is pretty cool, and he understands the reasons why (the work I'm doing for our client robs me of my zest for life), but we're probably going to get together on Monday to try to figure out a plan for migrating our client to my absence.
flattop::2006.01.13.03:52 pm
[User Picture]You can move out here with the rest of us unemployables. Wanna open a poolroom?
thepeopleseason::2006.01.13.03:56 pm
[User Picture]Didn't we already try that down in East Point?
flattop::2006.01.13.04:52 pm
[User Picture]Oh, yeah. I've kinda blocked that whole episode.
thepeopleseason::2006.01.13.04:59 pm
[User Picture]Now if a poker room is legal in Augusta, let me know.
glueandglitter::2006.01.13.04:52 pm
[User Picture]Aw cool! Do you have a new job all lined up, or are you taking some time to hang out?
thepeopleseason::2006.01.13.04:54 pm
[User Picture]Nothing yet. I've got the feelers out at the moment.

I still have some transition work to do. I'm discussing it with the boss later today.
fyrdrakken::2006.01.13.09:29 pm
[User Picture]Congrats!

(I can always tell I'm getting burned out on my job when I start having Fight Club novel flashbacks to Tyler explaining that the best thing that could happen to any one of them would be getting fired. Having actually been fired from my last job, I know it's better to leave voluntarily, but I've never reached the point of exiting before I had a new job lined up.)
aviationwolf::2006.01.13.09:51 pm
Wow...just wow....

You could always got get your masters...

Wait, that's already have that degree...

You'll have to tell me more on Sunday. I might be in town Sat night if you are free
thepeopleseason::2006.01.13.10:59 pm
[User Picture]I've got a party on Saturday. I'll let you know everything in Sunday.
aviationwolf::2006.01.14.12:55 am
As it turns out, I've decided to stay home and host a slumber party for Caitlin and work on the Puppet Angel movie.
aviationwolf::2006.01.14.12:56 am
I'm leaving Sunday morning at about 7 so I'll see you at the meeting at 4 - then after we can hang
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