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+ thepeopleseason: Re: Courage

January 16th, 2003

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2003.0116.1109::100 Things

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thepeopleseason::2003.01.16.10:35 pm::Re: Courage
[User Picture]I actually expected a lot of people to wonder why they weren't included in my list. There's actually a few reasons:

  1. I tried not to put anything down where I didn't have a good perspective about it. Most of the entries you see are from my time in high school and college because I've had a long time to think about those events in my life.
  2. I tried to avoid mentioning specific names, except for people with little chance of returning to my life from my past (like Rose Marie), or people with little chance of ever being part of my my life to begin with (like Kristen). Otherwise, I felt a certain amount of discretion was in order, especially considering some of the people I'd talk about read this journal.
  3. As much as I reveal in this list, there are definitely some things I want to keep to myself.

Oh, and there is a little bit of you in the list, but really it's all I care to reveal at the moment...unless you'd like me to tell everyone about the





tiiguy::2003.01.17.01:34 am::1 thing about TIIGUY
[User Picture]I was coceived in Las Vegas.
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