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January 5th, 2006

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2006.0105.1008::New Year's Resolutions
After getting the results of my physical on Tuesday, the doctor insisted I start getting more aerobic exercise--given my sedentary career, "around seven hours a week." In addition to a cholesterol level around 232 (which, granted, is lower than the 246 that I had before I moved here from Miami), she says my blood pressure is slightly high for my age and that I should avoid stress.

HA! AVOID STRESS! And they say some doctors don't have a sense of humor.

So here follows the list of my New Year's Resolutions:
  • Practice Tai Chi more (Don't disappoint the Si-Gong/make the Si-Fu lose face).
  • Go Rock Climbing more (I've got a paid membership at the gym...).
  • Minimize intake of french fries and potato chips.
  • batnandu asked me to add "Increase intake of fruits and vegetables (lettuce doesn't count)" What are you, my mom??!?
  • Minimize intake of soda.
  • Start running (or some other aerobic activity) and increase my cardiovascular endurance.
  • Keep my place clean.
  • Floss.
Yes, I realize that this list is probably about four days late, but I'm nothing if not a procrastinator; and, honestly, I don't intend to do anything about that.

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