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December 27th, 2005

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2005.1227.1353::Weird Habits
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As tagged by whedonite
  1. When I brush my teeth, I brush each planar surface of my teeth (outside-top-inside for the back teeth, front and backside for the front teeth) for a ten-count.
  2. Since I got the new car, I've kept a spreadsheet keeping track of my miles-per-gallon figures on a USB thumbdrive that usually lives on my car keychain.
  3. I shred just about everything that comes into my house with my address on it. When going through magazines/catalogs that go to the recycling dumpster, I make sure to tear the address completely off and shred it.
  4. When relaxing while barefoot, I will usually place the tops of my feet opposite one another and intertwine my toes. This freaks many a person out because it looks really weird.
  5. When faced with various dilemmae (usually of a culinary or what-do-you-want-to-do-now nature), I will commonly ask the parties involved to throw out one finger or two, and the resulting sum dictates the choice we make (i.e. Mexican food if the sum is odd, Chinese food if the sum is even). We don't always stick with the resulting choice--it's just a decision catalyst.

I tag no one.

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whedonite::2005.12.21.02:58 am
[User Picture]ok I have only read about the toe things and I am already freaked out.
whedonite::2005.12.21.02:58 am
[User Picture]opps thing I mean
thepeopleseason::2005.12.21.03:23 am
[User Picture]I might show you next time I'm over.

I might.
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