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November 30th, 2005

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Getting on the plane yesterday, I notice a couple walking in with two babies, both exceedingly adorable. They sit a row behind me across the aisle, and I pause as I smile at the mother and the small infant that she carries. Whoa, total MILF, I think to myself.

Halfway into the flight while I'm getting out my computer, she taps me on the shoulder, and I look behind me. The husband asks me, "Are you Walter?" Since I know a Chinese Walter from Miami, I say no, but inquire further as to why he thinks I'm my high school buddy/bandmate. I realize, from his explanation that I've just been lusting after the wife of the brother of an old high school friend. I make some minor small talk, and then awkwardly turn back to my laptop.

I've been offline for the past five or six days. Mom and Dad's internet connection is dialup through the local school system, and because they're technologically inept, they've blocked access to the following:
  • Any web-based e-mail site, including Gmail and Yahoo Mail.
  • Livejournal
  • PPTP VPNs including one I can use for work and
  • Secure Shell Protocol connections to my workplace.

So I've pretty much not read anything on LJ since before Thanksgiving. If you've announced something of particular interest--if you've decided, for example, that you're giving up on your husband/boyfriend/acting-career-playing-a-single-mother-8:00-Tuesday-nights-on-the-WB and running off to Lake Tahoe with me, pending my decision--please let me know in reply to this post.

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fyrdrakken::2005.12.01.10:11 pm
[User Picture]I went to my cousin's wedding, had a low-grade nervous breakdown regarding my coursework (specific trigger being the nagging micromanaging of one of my group members for our class project that was due Monday), and decided I'm not signing up for spring courses and am going to seriously reconsider this whole lab tech certification thing.
thepeopleseason::2005.12.01.10:42 pm
[User Picture]I've been there. I can't really tell you the sense of accomplishment and relief that I had when I finally got finished with my coursework for my master's degree. Of course, I then had to write the thesis...

fyrdrakken::2005.12.06.05:05 pm
[User Picture]See, it's not the sense of accomplishment, it's the number of people I've been hearing from lately along the lines of, "I'm working the same job now as I had before I went to college, I just have $40,000 in student loan debt now," or, "I just got out of grad school and my student loan payments start this month and the only job I've been able to find is working at GameStop," or, "I'm already in debt from getting my bachelor's and can't see that it improved my employability any -- can I really afford going to grad school now?" Or of course the friend who discovered that having a BS basically just overqualified her for a number of positions, while the people with MSs are taking the jobs she is qualified for.

So, yeah. Given the point was to increase my income so I could do something about my existing debts, I have to really wonder if adding on thousands in student loan debt is a wise tradeoff for a modest pay increase.
-anon-::2005.12.08.11:41 pm::*wave*
This is the highschool friend. :) Be assured that the smile was not taken in the context that you delivered it. Message was relayed that you were seen on the plane.
thepeopleseason::2005.12.08.11:45 pm::Re: *wave*
[User Picture]Heh. Yeah, I didn't figure that either of them would have recognized the bad thoughts in the back of my head. I've gotten more discreet since high school :)

Hope things are well.
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