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November 21st, 2005

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2005.1121.2238::American Edit
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While I might have called myself a Green Day fan in the early 90s, I haven't picked up American Idiot. I actually haven't picked up a Green Day album since Dookie. This is not because of any distate toward the band--I just haven't really picked up a CD of new, RIAA-produced music for a long time. I generally hear a lot of the songs on the radio, anyways.

Everyone, however, should go check out Dean Gray's American Edit, a free, downloadable album of American Idiot mashups. Two particular favorites are "Dr. Who on Holiday" (because of the geek-cred inclusion of the Dr. Who Theme Song) and "Novocaine Rhapsody" (which just supports the Good Omens theory that all music left in a car for a fortnight will eventually turn into the Best of Queen).

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bpeace::2005.11.22.07:41 am
[User Picture]"Dr. Who on Holiday" is fucking awe-inspiring. We loves it! Good jeorb!
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