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November 8th, 2005

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Thanks to a link from ludditerobot, I found this Penny Arcade strip which pretty accurately describes the shenanigans that go on when batnandu and I play our latest obsession, Soul Calibur III (as well as its predecessor, Soul Calibur II). While we haven't choked each other with the game controller cords (yet), batnandu did punch me in the arm with some measure of seething anger...

What's missing from that strip, however, is the coda where someone suddenly realizes, "Holy Shit, it's 5:00 AM."

Which brings me back to ludditerobot's original link--last night after dinner with a friend from out of town, Oz came over and brought his latest purchase: Guitar Hero. We would move to batnandu's place sometime around 11:00 PM and play until 2:30 or so... and hence the title of this post.

Now someone needs to make a music game which combines Karaoke Revolution, Taiko Drum Master, and Guitar Hero so we can get a whole band going.

Preferably with some Journey songs. \m/

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amezri::2005.11.08.03:09 pm
[User Picture]Heee! Soul Calibur is awesome :) I sucked at it, but it's still awesome ^^
tankfreak::2005.11.08.07:14 pm
[User Picture]Are you gonna come out and play this weekend?
thepeopleseason::2005.11.08.07:15 pm
[User Picture]Yep. I'll be there Saturday, but Friday may be out of the question because of work, and Sunday is currently tentative...
tankfreak::2005.11.08.07:16 pm
[User Picture]Well, at least we'll get you for one day :)
hammor::2005.11.08.07:33 pm:: 8-O
[User Picture]Dude, Penny Arcade was pimping the Guitar Hero. If I hadn't recently bought Donkey Konga, I would already have bought GH. How much beer do I have to bring to get in on this action?

My offer to host a Burnout 3 party still stands.

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