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October 27th, 2005

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2005.1027.1845::Some things you should plan in advance
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You remember learning how to play soccer during P.E. in grade school? You remember how they told you if you wanted to stop the soccer ball's motion in any direction, you could pretty much just step on top of it?

I learned a long time ago that doing that with an out-of-control superball will just leave you with a formerly-spherical crunchy mass of rubber.

So if you're going to drop two hundred fifty thousand superballs down a street in San Francisco to make a commercial, you should be sure you know a way to stop them all.

I challenge you to watch the commercial without smiling.

Sweet: a 2.5 minute long version of the commercial

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flattop::2005.10.28.06:24 pm
[User Picture]I have always wanted to do something like that. One day I found a place online that sells stuff for gumball machines and you could get superballs by the gross. I just sat and wondered at the kind of trouble you, me, and Jeech would get into (of course, if Jeech got involved, something would end up on fire).
I've also imagined doing the old chain-reaction demonstration with ping-pong ball and mousetraps, but on a huge scale, like a basketball court.
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