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September 9th, 2005

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2005.0909.1724::Wifi Testing...
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The latest computers capable of running our application for the client have built-in 802.11b antennae. The users have had a lot of trouble getting the Wifi working (they're the typical user--intimidated and clueless), so as a part of my job, I ran around town today testing with two of the machines.

After eating first at our clients location (free lunch), I hit Lenox Mall to test at the Apple Store, Panera Bread, and the Food Court. I then drove down Peachtree and hit the Panera Bread next to the Imperial Fez, and then continued down to Whole Foods and Dunkin Donuts.

Finally, I hit Aprés Diem where I could connect to their network, as well as the networks for The Independent and The Highlander.

In the immortal words of my former roommate, Je vais vomir.

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xopherg::2005.09.09.10:05 pm
[User Picture]Why, did you eat something at every stop?
-anon-::2005.09.09.10:18 pm
Close to it. At the Whole Foods point, I decided to start getting things to go, and just drank some pineapple juice at Diem.

(Why is Livejournal being a bitch when it comes to my login cookie??)
xopherg::2005.09.09.11:03 pm
[User Picture]Good question. Mine seems fine.
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