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September 6th, 2005

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If you're married and your spouse has feelings for someone else, do not automatically assume that that "someone else" reciprocates those feelings and is ultimately a responsible party when your marriage dissolves.

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ludditerobot::2005.09.06.09:45 pm
[User Picture]There is no way that doesn't suck.
thepeopleseason::2005.09.06.10:05 pm
[User Picture]Yeah. It's not especially important that everyone know the truth, but when the "wronged" party feels the need to dictate his/her side of things to a large group of people in a public place, I guess I thought I should clear the air...
aviationwolf::2005.09.07.06:24 am
Is this where I should post the picture of us? Or do you think I should put it on my LJ since he reads it?

thepeopleseason::2005.09.07.10:10 am
[User Picture]Either place is fine. The question is if he reads mine...
fyrdrakken::2005.09.07.08:09 pm
[User Picture]Have heard something that sounds like the flip side of this a while back from another friend who was having issues with her husband, which he wanted to blame on their roommate -- because of all the time she spent with the roomie, which in itself was due to him picking up the slack on the things that her husband was letting slide and which were causing the issues with her husband in the first place.

Basically, wanting to be able to blame problems on someone else rather than admitting to having helped cause them oneself.
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