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June 14th, 2005

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2005.0614.1603::I think the clock is slow
[ ]
If this week were to move any slower, it'd be yesterday.


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solsistr3::2005.06.14.08:09 pm
I am full of ideas that I totally can't execute without my sewing machine and box of supplies!!
thepeopleseason::2005.06.14.08:51 pm
[User Picture]I wish I had ideas. I'm sitting around feeling my skin drip off my bones.
musesfool::2005.06.14.08:21 pm
[User Picture]OMG yes. What is that ABOUT? This day has been ENDLESS!
thepeopleseason::2005.06.14.08:50 pm
[User Picture]I dunno. Down here in Atlanta, the heat isn't helping but I have a feeling that a lack of LJ posts is one reason I'm bored out of my skull.
aviationwolf::2005.06.14.09:19 pm
You know, I actually think the week is whizzing by....

Might be because I have a JOB now. I actually worked two full days at it!
And they pay me!
And I teach for 6 hours straight!

thepeopleseason::2005.06.15.04:38 am
[User Picture]And yet you can go for a five day weekend?


-anon-::2005.06.15.04:23 am::clock of the long now
i don't know where i am anymore because my hours all run together in minutes; and my minutes all run together in seconds. it's weird how that happens.

i go to work.. then when i leave work, it's like it's the same time of day but darker. 9-9:30, or 10:30-10:30. strange. very strange.

however, you should read that book "clock of the long now" because, hey, you'd really like it. and it would make your paltry slow day seem like milliseconds - or smaller, really.

ps: what i want most for my birthday (or anytime, really) is a clock that has milliseconds. you may already know this, but circa 1999, every store had a countdown clock with milliseconds, and i would stand there, mesmerized. and i think, at one point, you may have been commissioned to retrieve a clock like that for me. but i never did get one. and my life is sorely lacking in the millisecond department.
thepeopleseason::2005.06.15.04:39 am::Re: clock of the long now
[User Picture]Does the millisecond knowledge help with the long hours/minutes/seconds?
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