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+ tiiguy: fuel filter and manifold leak

January 10th, 2003

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2003.0110.1348::Hopefully this will work...
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As you know, I've been working on an email-to-LJ gateway where I can send in entries via email. Hopefully I can set things up so that I can compose messages offline and have them queued into the system accordingly.

Yesterday was a pretty cool day. The weather was really nice, and I had rousted tiiguy to get up and fix my car. So when he was all done, he picked me up from work, and we ate some scrumptious Indian food at Udipi.

The car's running far better than it was before...it seems positively spritely (if you can ever use such an adjective for an SUV) compared to the way it drove before. Taking a cue from Airplane, "sluggish...like a wet sponge" seems the best way to describe my Pathfinder prior to yesterday. Jason mentioned that my fuel filter was probably the dirtiest one he had ever seen. Jason, given that it should have been changed about 13K miles ago, do you think the exhaust manifold leak had something to do with that?

The previous version (yes, the one we just released) of our code is currently having issues, so I've got to get it working.
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tiiguy::2003.01.10.10:59 am::fuel filter and manifold leak
[User Picture]The two are not really related at that point. The filter just sits inside the fuel line in between the fuel tank and the engine seperating any trash that might be in your gas tank, or in your fuel lines. ( corrosion, dirt from bad gas, dust, etc.) Remind me to go and look at the fuel system diagram for your truck, because come to think of it there might be one that I did not think of in the fuel line before the fuel pump. I'll try and go find out now. Glad its running better.
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