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June 9th, 2005

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2005.0609.1840::Dear Katie Holmes,
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I know you think he's pretty. A lot of people do--I remember going to see Mission: Impossible II, and hearing a girl suddenly gasp, "NOT THE FACE!" when Dougray Scott cut the boy's cheek in the final climactic fight. I know you had fantasies about marrying him. Who doesn't have the odd reverie about running off with Lauren Graham and spending a good year or two in a torrid affair, making long, slow, sweet, hot love warmed by a fire in a ski-in/ski-out cabin on Whistler Mountain or Lake Tahoe for a whirlwind romance with that dreamy celebrity?

Let be honest here, though. You seem like a bright girl. While you have this "America's Sweetheart" image, you've also taken some more unconventional roles, so you probably have a pretty good perspective on your life and career.

So, please, for the love of Pete, stop your association with that loony, loony, brainwashed nutjob before he fucks up your head, too.

ETA: I am not alone:

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aviationwolf::2005.06.09.11:49 pm
She's already lost.....sniff
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