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May 19th, 2005

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2005.0519.1106::Even more media
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Aside from receiving Ai Yori Aoshi Disc 2 and Love Hina Disc 1 from Netflix yesterday, I hit Oxford Comics after work last night, and along with the Dark Horse Book of the Dead and Volume 9 of the Ai Yori Aoshi manga, I managed to pick up Chromaphile, the until-recently-out-of-print art book from Ragnar. I love this guy's stuff--a sort of retro-modern design pinup. Unfortunately, his main site's down for a redesign, but you can see some of it in an interview he did with CrownDozen.com. It even compels me to buy and iPod, despite my car already having a built-in MP3 player. Chromaphile is a bit thin for its cover price, but Amazon's got it for about fourteen dollars. Part of me wants to buy another copy to de-spine so I can frame specific pages, but the book-lover in me argues against it.

Edit: I just found this link off of the Make Magazine Blog. If you scroll all the way to the bottom (past the photos), you'll see there are links to "Full length pictures of the robe and tunic." Check out the photos, and tell me what's wrong with them.

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fyrdrakken::2005.05.24.02:56 pm
[User Picture]I give up -- what's wrong with the robe photos?
thepeopleseason::2005.05.24.03:27 pm
[User Picture]Why does someone wearing a big giant Yoda mask need to obscure the eyes with the black bars?
fyrdrakken::2005.05.26.03:33 pm
[User Picture]At a guess, either the poster didn't have permission from the person being photoed, the person being photoed requested unrecognizability as a condition for permission to post publically, or the poster was just being funny.
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