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April 29th, 2005

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2005.0429.1336::If Coupling is to be believed...
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From some blogger:
Sometime in recent memory, Jack Davenport and some Sandman fangirl got it on at somepoint.

Sad, really, that I only know Mariella Frostrup's name from those few episodes of the show.

ETA: Why Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates blow goats, Reason #1138:
I am in the process of trying to access a file that's on a PocketPC. The file is named "rsyncd.conf," it's located in the "\unix\etc" directory, and its contents are essential to what I am trying to do with the device. The only way that the OS has of natively viewing the file is to open the file up in PocketWord, the Microsoft Word analogue for Windows CE. The version of PocketWord that exists on PocketPC 2003 can only access two types of files--PocketWord files and Text files, and only within the My Documents directory. Even if I copy the file into the My Documents directory, I still cannot see it because Microsoft determines what kind of files to show by the three-letter extension.

I should, of course, be able to just rename the thing "rsyncd.txt" or something like that, right? Of course not, because the File Explorer acts just like Windows XP, obscuring the file extension from the user, except with no discernable way of changing that setting.

Why do they insist on making everything as dumb as the potential user that might use it?

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