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April 26th, 2005

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2005.0426.1652::I've never been one to whine about spoilers...
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But to everyone talking about the new Serenity trailer, please keep it down.

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bpeace::2005.04.26.08:55 pm
[User Picture]You're worried about trailer spoilers? Or spoilers about the movie? I'm not understanding.
thepeopleseason::2005.04.26.08:58 pm
[User Picture]I'd rather see the thing for myself, which I cannot do at the moment, than hear all the funny and quotable lines posted in a long series of all-caps entries posted two minutes apart.
bpeace::2005.04.26.08:59 pm
[User Picture]Sorry. Too late.



Did that help?
thepeopleseason::2005.04.26.09:01 pm
[User Picture]Did that help?

Umm, pretty much what you said just after "Sorry."
bpeace::2005.04.26.08:59 pm
[User Picture]At least mine wasn't in all-caps. One saving grace...
(no subject) - (Anonymous)
thepeopleseason::2005.04.26.11:27 pm
[User Picture]I'm downloading iTunes as I type this...
amezri::2005.04.27.12:37 am
[User Picture]Uh. Sorry ^^* I hope you've seen it already or my post will be just as annoying. *scurries away*
thepeopleseason::2005.04.27.02:09 am
[User Picture]I had finally downloaded the thing before your post came up, but you had the common decency to put your thoughts behind an lj-cut.
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