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April 18th, 2005

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2005.0418.1011::Single, Thin, and Neat
Last week, a gang of people got together at the Oakhurst Grill for their free Crawfish Boil, and while Cap'n Ken and The Coffee Achiever waited for some others to arrive, we caught up a bit about what was going on in our unblogged lives.

We got into a discussion of wine and wine people. The both of them had just spent an evening out where the table next to them was just replete with the overly pretentious sort that talk about "earthy tones," this-and-that "bouquets." The Cap'n tells me that he cannot bring himself to watch Sideways now, despite the critical acclaim because of a scene that he saw where the characters do just that. The CA then says that she likes a bunch of white wines, but just not that much to talk at length about them. My response:
TYB: If I liked a bunch of white wines, people would question my sexuality
TCA: People already question your sexuality.
TYB: Well, there is that.
To illustrate, batnandu calls me as I'm heading up I85 on Saturday to have this conversation:
BAT: Hey, where are you?
TYB: I'm on my way up to the Restoration Hardware Warehouse Sale.
BAT: Uhh, what are you going there for?
TYB: I'll be looking for a present for khubli, and I also wanted to check to see if they had some new cabinet pulls.

He, of course, doesn't mean that word in the derogatory "what you just said is lame" sense, but, to quote Bad News Hughes, "in the OK way where two guys like each other and kiss."

When I arrive at the Restoration Hardware Warehouse, I begin to walk around, looking at stuff, and after about ten minutes or so, I notice something and call batnandu back:
TYB: Hey, you remember what you said when I told you I was going to the Restoration Hardware Sale?
BAT: Yeah, what about it?
TYB: They just played I Will Survive
BAT: See? I told you so.
TYB: [pauses...begins hearing the strains of another song] Uhh, dude, they just started Y.M.C.A.
BAT: Dude, you gotta get out of there.
TYB: Yeah, I gotta get out of here. I'll talk to you later.

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capn_ken::2005.04.21.08:59 pm::RH
Dude, there's a Restoration Hardware Warehouse up 85? Where at?

And no, I'm not gay.
thepeopleseason::2005.04.21.09:03 pm::Re: RH
[User Picture]It's up off of the Jimmy Carter exit. Take a left, go to Best Friend Rd. and keep going down it about a mile or so. It'll be on the right.

I'm not sure they're open to the public all the time--when I got there I got the feeling it was more a distribution center/delivery warehouse than a store where you could shop.

And no, I'm not gay.

I think this is obvious to anyone who's ever met the Coffee Achiever.
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