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April 6th, 2005

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2005.0406.1523::Go Figure
I was listening to the radio this morning, and the morning show had a so-called "dating expert" on the line who mentioned that there's something wrong with a 35-year-old male who hasn't been married yet.

Which just brings to mind the conversation that I had with my father the other morning--he called on Monday morning, before I left for work, asking about a computer issue. After I helped him with it, he started in on the grilling:
"Do you have a girlfriend?"
"Hey, listen, you should find a nice nurse or a teacher or something. Someone who has an income and can help support the both of you."
"Yeah, ok, dad."
Now, most of you will probably realize that now that I'm into my 30s, my parents have been pressuring me to find a wife and have children. I've even asked them the importance of the order of those steps, and they responded, "Not really important." So it seems they're in a rush to have grandchildren--As I wrote about a while ago, my Chinese name changed recently. While my original name was Hsiao Tze-Ming, last Thanksgiving my parents were all giddily calling me "Hsiao Ji-Ming! Hsiao Ji-Ming!" When I asked them why they were calling me that, they told me that a Chinese fortune-teller told them that both me and my brother should change our names for good luck*. After my brother read that post, he grilled my mom and dad and found out that "good luck" really translates to "a greater chance of having grandchildren for you."

So, I guess my father envisions me with some prim and proper woman with child-bearing hips and a high FICO score (come to think of it, I should put together a dating site like Match.com where one of the criteria you can sort by is FICO score...).

It occured to me yesterday, however, that the only non-professional or social places that I can find a nurse or a teacher with an income to help support the both of us are places that are named "The Pink Pony" or "The Alley Cat."

Well, they're mostly dressed like nurses or teachers...

* My family has a sort of generational poem naming-convention. Each successive generation names their children with the next word in sequence of this poem--both my father and my aunt have the word "Shih" in their names. When my brother, the first-born son of his generation was born, my father went to his dad and asked him what the next word to use, and my grandfather said "Tze," which was wrong. It should have been "Ji," but the incorrect name has already propagated to our cousins, etc.

When my parents went to this fortune-teller, she asked if our names should really be Tze-Ming and Tze-Wei, and they said no, so she said to change it back to the way it should have been (at least my name doesn't have testicle in it anymore...).

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khubli::2005.04.06.08:24 pm
[User Picture]Hey wanna go to Korea in my stead? I'm sure my mother would be happy to marry you off in 60 seconds flat.
khubli::2005.04.06.08:25 pm
[User Picture]I've still got a year and 10 days before I hit that useless unmarried at 35... so I've got some time left
thepeopleseason::2005.04.06.08:26 pm
[User Picture]We should go find some nurses and teachers soon.
khubli::2005.04.06.08:29 pm
[User Picture]Yeah.. I can't remember the last time I went shopping for nurses and teachers. Sounds like fun.... round em up. move em out. here we come
flattop::2005.04.06.09:57 pm
[User Picture]Why does she have to have an income to help support the two of you? And if that's so important, we all know some ladies that may dress like nurses and can definitely support the two of you (nudge, nudge, wink, wink.) Pitch that to you dad and see what he says. And do the grandkids have to be yours? Just shack up with some hussy (preferably one with an open mind as to fidelity in relationships) who already has a mess of them already running around. Ship a few off to you folks every couple of months for a visit. I'm sure you parents would love it; you're giving them what they're asking for.
khubli::2005.04.06.10:38 pm
[User Picture]why does the talk of sugar mommas always go back to strippers?
thepeopleseason::2005.04.06.11:53 pm
[User Picture]I think my dad just doesn't want to see us struggle the way he struggled to raise a family and live comfortably before my mom got a job.

As far as someone else's kids, I don't think he'd be into that.
fyrdrakken::2005.04.07.04:33 pm
[User Picture]How common is the poem-down-the-generations naming convention in Chinese families? Because I seem to remember reading about a family doing that elsewhere than in this LJ. It's a nice custom -- about the closest I've heard in other cultures is keeping the same name down the generations, which isn't quite as much fun.
kawaiiryuko::2005.04.07.08:59 pm
[User Picture]It's pretty common. My family has used it going back a long time now, on both sides. All of my current generation uses it.

The next generation, however, probably won't.
khubli::2005.04.08.03:16 pm
[User Picture]I believe it is a korean tradition too..
fyrdrakken::2005.04.08.07:30 pm
[User Picture]I've got the same middle name as my mother and maternal grandmother, and was figuring that if I ever had a daughter I'd give it to her as well -- but that's just not as interesting as a poem. OTOH, I don't share a middle name with all my cousins, which would kind of take the uniqueness off it. Especially if it turned into a sort of familial pressure to follow the pattern rather than choosing all new names for the newest generation.
kellinator::2006.03.07.01:00 am
[User Picture]Wow. Now that's some pressure.
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