For those of you who have seen Sin City - that yellow bastard

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April 4th, 2005

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2005.0404.1620::For those of you who have seen Sin City
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Before it comes up...

I like to call myself "That Yellow Bastard," not because I have a penchant for preying on young girls, but because I'm Chinese and I like to go to Las Vegas.

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khubli::2005.04.04.10:09 pm
[User Picture]i was very impressed with the movie the more i think about it.

an interesting making of blurb....
fyrdrakken::2005.04.05.05:45 pm
[User Picture]What does Vegas have to do with it?
thepeopleseason::2005.04.05.06:33 pm
[User Picture]A lot of people like to refer to Las Vegas as "Sin City," for obvious reasons.

The full title of one of the comic book series adapted/translated in the movie (one of the covers of said series being the base for my icon) was Sin City: That Yellow Bastard. I liked the moniker well before the last few issues came out revealing that the eponymous character was a sicko murderer (although, this being a Frank Miller comic, I should have known).

P.S. Your icon makes me guffaw.
fyrdrakken::2005.04.06.04:44 pm
[User Picture]Yeah, I knew one of the storylines in the movie was called "That Yellow Bastard" in the comics/graphic novels, but for some reason I was spazzing on the Sin City = Vegas connection (maybe because I misread your post as equating "That Yellow Bastard" with being Chinese and liking the City of Lost Wages rather than equating the entire phrase "Sin City: That Yellow Bastard" with same).
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