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April 4th, 2005

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My co-workers and I have been hearing this strange sound today, which just started about 40 minutes ago.

One of them took a smoke break and said that the sound, which resembles that of an electric saw or some other power tool biting its way through wood, is echoing throughout all around our office building. Having stepped outside, I have noticed it's much louder in our particular room than it is outside. This wouldn't really bug me that much except for one thing: The noise appears to be coming the wall we share with our next door neighbor. What's located in that space?

Dentist's Office.

It sounds like there's someone getting their molars drilled out with the high-speed saw that they use to cut casts of broken limbs.

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solsistr3::2005.04.04.08:29 pm
thepeopleseason::2005.04.04.08:32 pm
[User Picture]Even though my co-worker found out later that someone was on the roof cutting wood, I still couldn't put the tortuous dentist drill from my mind...

capn_ken::2005.04.04.09:45 pm::The sound
Do you work at Northlake Mall? It ain't me today, brother.
thepeopleseason::2005.04.04.09:46 pm::Re: The sound
[User Picture]I work across the street from Northlake Mall...

I could have met you for lunch after your root canal. Not that you would have cared to eat anything...

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