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March 5th, 2005

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2005.0305.0200::Strange Incident at the Scary Carnival
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Met up with Anna and Thomas this evening to hit the mini-fair/carnival that set up next to Turner Field. After we'd hit a couple of rides (I made the mistake of playing Beyond Good and Evil prior to coming out, so I was feeling quite woozy and unwilling to ride anything too adventurous), we were walking toward the entrance of the fair, when a man accosted our group, myself walking in front of Thomas and Anna. I distinctly hear him say "Hey! Speaka English?"

And, unfortunately, it only occured to me to respond appropriately, after he had passed me by to accost Thomas:
What country do you think this is...?
Oh well.

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batnandu::2005.03.05.07:46 am
[User Picture]And, unfortunately, it only occured to me to respond appropriately, after he had passed me by to accost Thomas...

Good thing, too. He might've caught you in a slip, since your line is the response to Ferris's "Do you speak English?", as opposed to Jeanie/Shawna's "Speak-a de English?". Man, that was a close one!
thepeopleseason::2005.03.05.05:09 pm
[User Picture]So what would be the appropriate response to his query?

He's the one that's supposed to hang up and freak out...
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